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The estimated cost to build an above ground pool with a deck vary for materials to build the deck that will fit your selected pool and yard.

Speak with an Auman pool planner & they will be able to help you and provide you with an estimated cost to build your pool & deck. 

Creating a pool deck enclosure for an above-ground swimming pool can make it a walled, fenced and gated backyard destination. Built on a platform with a surrounding deck, the pool area becomes a private paradise, especially if it includes outdoor accessories and amenities, lounge chairs and other furniture. 

Above Ground Pool & Deck Designs

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In the past decade, above-ground swimming pools have been enjoying an increase in popularity. Why? Well, for starters, they've always been less expensive than in-ground pools.

Get Inspired

With an above ground pool and a great pool deck, you can turn your backyard in to a much more fun place to hang out and splash around with your family and friends. A pool in the yard makes your home much more functional and can even add value.

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Whether you have a design already for an above ground pool deck, or need the help of "Auman Pools" pool planner to bring your vision to life, here's some ideas on how to deck out with an above ground pool.