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  • DECK SEALERS - Ideally suited for pool decks and can be used to restore old kool deck surfaces.
  • STAMP MIX - Used as an overlay on existing concrete surfaces for a decorative stamped appearance.
  • CONCRETE RESTORATION - Super bonding concrete restoration and decorative concrete finish.
  • REPAIR MORTAR - Concrete repair such as leveling, filling cavities and cracks.
  • POOL PLASTER BONDING - Provides an ideal surface to allow new pool plaster to bond.
  • WATERPROOFING - Waterbased coating which forms an elastomeric waterproofing membrane.
  • MULTI-STAIN CONCRETE - A water based concrete stain, stucco stain and masonry stain.
  • MICRO TOPPING SEALER - Will seal the surface and lock in the color.

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Auman Pools offers a few different maintenance packages. Our Qualified Auman service person uses our specially designed cleaning equipment and can perform pool water testing and various cleaning & maintenance services. That's designed to save you time and money.

Concrete Stamping

Our Stamp Mix is a polymer modified cementitious coating used as an overlay on existing concrete surfaces to achieve a decorative stamped appearance.

Designed for resurfacing structurally sound, non-moving concrete decks. Ideal for worn, discolored area's in the backyard by the pool. 

Plaster Bonding

Giving a super bonding coating forming a hard rough-textured base coat to provide an ideal surface to which new pool plaster will bond to. 

Deck Resurfacing & Staining

Auman Pools offers long-lasting pool deck resurfacing and staining.

​We offer a water based concrete stain & durable pool deck paint for a great-looking pool area. Giving it a true stain appearance.

Multi-Stain is water based and environmentally friendly. For best results, we suggest that our Clear Seal be applied over the stain. 

Auman Pool Provides a wide range of products & we can service & apply many of our products to maintain & repair your pool, deck & backyard area.

Waterproofing & Pool Sealers

​Deck and Concrete Repairs

Auman Pools - Sales, Installations & Service

Providing quality below grade waterproofing systems and durable pool deck products.

Of course, helping you keep your pool and deck in good condition is not the only service we offer.

We also inspect & repair pool pumps and leaks as well as change filters and install new equipment.

Owner Operator: Michael Auman

Repair Concrete

We can even treat or repair the cracks in the concrete with a bonding concrete and add a barrier chemical to keep the weeds/grass from growing.