Auman Pools

Even before we operated a commercial business, our days were spent providing clients with backyard pool installations and repair services on behalf of other institutions.

We realized that customers deserved a better quality of care than was currently available, and so our company was founded.

There are many reasons to choose Auman Pools LLC; to create that "dream pool & backyard" that you've always wanted. Our pools are constructed and installed to the highest standards, thereby allowing us to confidently provide you, the customer, with a service & pool that you can be proud of."

Since opening, we have been helping countless individuals purchase & install the pool of their dreams, or completely remodel their existing one. If you have a vision on how you want your pool to look, Auman Pools LLC is fully prepared to customize our services to make your idea come to life. Otherwise, we are more than happy to walk you through examples of our previous work to help you settle on a pool design and backyard plan you like.

Our installers and pool technicians are also experts in customer care. Feel free to interrupt our work to provide input, ask questions, and raise concerns. Making you comfortable and confident that your project is a big priority.

Auman Pools LLC welcomes customer feedback. Come get to know our local pool company and the wide range of products and services that we provide in the Pee Dee South Carolina area.

Michael Auman - Owner of Auman Pools

Our company, Auman Pools LLC, family-owned and operated and many of our family-based values are instilled in our company. We sell, service & install pools as if it was going to be installed as our own pool.

We do this because we want our customer's to be very satisfied with our pool products, services and we want our customers to be proud of their pool that they received from Auman Pools LLC.

Michael Auman - Owner