Auman Pools

Come get to know our company and the wide range of services we provide.

All of our maintenance packages are custom tailored to your pool needs. Our service tech's use our specially designed cleaning equipment and can perform various cleaning & maintenance services.

Every pool is different and each customer has different expectations and needs. We are a year round pool cleaning company that is fully insured.

We offer weekly, bi-weekly & monthly pool service & one time pool service visits custom tailored to your needs.

Prices vary by pool size and frequency of maintenance.

Our Standard Service Includes the Following:
• Test and adjust chemical levels
• Skim the pool to remove all debris from the water surface
• Brush steps & pool when necessary
• Vacuum the bottom of the pool
• Empty the skimmer & pump baskets when needed
• Backwash as needed
• Deliver and add needed chemicals for balancing

Of course, helping you keep your pool clean is not the only service we offer. We also repair pool equipment and leaks as well as change filters and install new equipment and pool liners, to complete remodeling & renovations.

Auman Pools, LLC

Swimming Pool Maintenance Services
For Hartsville, SC Florence, SC,  Darlington, SC  and surrounding communities in the area.

If you have questions or need help with the pool operation, maintenance or warranty of your hot tub or swimming pool, please give us a call. We offer a wide range of services for all pool and hot tub owners.

Other pool repair services available:

  • Warranty Repairs and Service
  • Vinyl liner replacement
  • Safety Cover Installation
  • Factory service for all major brands
  • Repair and Service
  • Remodeling and renovation

If you find that you’re spending more time taking care of your pool than enjoying it, then it’s time to call the experts at Auman Pools to help you.

Once our pool technician has completed the pool service, he/she provides our clients with a report that includes what was performed and what chemicals were added to the pool.

We recommend that once a month you bring a water sample to our store to get an in depth water analysis. 

Feel free to contact Auman Pools for a quote or if you have any questions.

NOTE: If other pool or equipment problems occur (filter leaking, liner out of track, pump stops, etc.), there would need to be another service call scheduled at an additional cost.

Normally the pool technician doing the scheduled  pool maintenance is not equipped to resolve these repair problems.

Pool Maintenance Services

Spring Time - Let's Open the pool.
Fall/Winter - Time To Close up the pool.

When you’re ready to open or close your swimming pool and need some help, we can give you tips & the expert advise needed for a fast and easy start to the pool season or we can advise you on wrapping it up for winter. 

Don’t have the time? Allow us to do the all the work for you! We take pride in opening and closing pools properly to prevent damage during and after the swimming pool season.

Prices vary by pool size and frequency of maintenance needed & required.