Auman Pools

If you ever have pool issues or need a trustworthy company to test and make recommendations, go see the pool guys at Auman Pools ! They are the best! Got our swamp pool back crystal clear in no time!!!

Susan Davis

Auman Pools has helped to keep my swimming pool perfect for over 7 years. I am truly spoiled by their service and look forward to my weekly visits to have my water tested. I believe these visits are the reason I never have any major issues with my swimming pool. Thank you Auman Pools for everything.

Jimmy Trunck

A very big thanks to the pool maintenance guys at Auman Pools for fixing my pool.

John Coker

Auman Pools done a very good job of working with us, helping us put together a plan, showing us our pool design options and just bringing it all together so that we had a good idea of what it would look like. Michael and the team at Auman Pools did a great job coming in and telling us what was going on during the process, and always keeping us informed of what the priorities were, how the pool was moving along, and then when they thought it might be done. We had ideas what we wanted, and they really made sure we had our wants in it before we started. It's just great. Everything turned out wonderful."

​Bradshaw Family

A very big thanks to the team at Auman Pools for cleaning my pool. If you have pool problems be sure to go to Auman Pools in Florence.

Lisa Chavis