Auman Pools

Residential Pool Inspections

Mechanical Equipment Assessment

The pool pump motor(s), filter, and heater are inspected for operation capability. Valves and plumbing near the equipment will also be visually inspected for leaks.

Please contact us with any questions at: (843) 917-2069

*NOTE:  Inspections will be limited if the pool is not uncovered, not operating, or not clear.

A professional pool inspection is the best way to find out the current status of a swimming pool. If you are buying a house with a pool, requesting a pool inspection can save you thousands of dollars if unknown problems exist!

You will receive a full report of the pools current physical and operational status.

Inspection includes: a structural assessment, inspection of deck equipment and mechanical equipment, and an analysis of the present water condition. Any safety concerns will also be inspected and addressed.

Structural Assessment

The overall pool structure within and around the pool are visually inspected for problems with the liner or pool shell, coping and tile area, and the surrounding pool deck.

Water Test and Analysis

Visual inspection of water clarity will be performed.

Deck Equipment Assessment

All equipment and components around the pool such as handrails, ladders, gates and proper fencing are visually inspected for potential safety issues or problems with local code ordinances.