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If it's one of the above or none, you will need to have a our pool tech come look at it or take it to one of your local Auman pools repair stores.

Changing Your Sand

First thing to weigh out is the age of the motor & if it’s worth investing any money into it. 

Filter Sand in the Pool?

Bad news. If it hasn't blown in, or been carried in on the feet of swimmers, its likely coming from the filter. A broken lateral or standpipe may be the cause. You'll need to empty the tank, locate and make the repair, refill with pool filter sand and test.

If you are debating to repair or replace your pump or filter system and want one of our techs to offer some professional advice, please call us at: (843) 536-4118

Can you repair it instead for less? Maybe

Here’s the deal with repairing pool motors.  You have to figure out the actual problem first.  Is it the capacitor, the bearings, an electrical short? 

Filter Sand Replacement:

Use only products labeled as Pool Filter Sand, or Pool Filter Sand Replacements.

The bottom line – We believe in general you will get more value and longevity out of replacing the complete motor.  Motor replacement also presents you with the opportunity to upgrade to a more energy efficient pump system. But we are always happy to do any repairs that you want.

Leaking Multiport Valve

Is water leaking out of the backwash port of the multiport valve?

The first thing to check is if it’s still under warranty. As most pump & filter motor warranties are only 1 year, you might be out of luck but it’s worth double checking the purchase date.

Here are some common problems with a pool pump:

  • Pool Pump Not Priming
  • Pool Pump Losing Power
  • Pool Pump Leaking Water
  • Pool Pump Sucking Air​
  • Pool Motor Just Hums

In most cases, pool pump problems like this our pool repair technicians can help.

Sand Pool Filter Replacement

Well, they don't last forever, but almost. A new filter may be in order if your current filter is outdated and difficult to use or get parts for. If the filter tank has cracked, usually from freeze damage or from closing off return valves or waste valves while the pump is running, a new sand pool filter is in order. It’s usually cheaper to replace the entire filter than to buy just the tank, don’t ask us why, but it is.

Pump & Filter Cleaning & Repairs plus Sand Changes

Our technicians can diagnose, repair and replace parts on all pool pumps and filters including: cartridge, D.E., and sand. We also offer filter cleaning and sand changing services. Need new equipment? Allow us to recommend the right size for your pool.

Assuming you are out of warranty, you have a decision to make. Buy a new replacement or repair it.

Leaking Sand Filter?

Sand filter tanks rarely leak themselves, however leaks often occur in and around the valve connection. A common complaint is that water is leaking out of the backwash port of the multi-port valve. If your sand filter tank is leaking, or has small cracks in it, replace it immediately. There is no safe, effective means to patch a sand filter tank. But you can repair leaks around the dome or top mounted valve, or around the bulkheads, on side mounted filter tanks.