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If you're starting with a lower initial investment, a vinyl liner pool may be the way to go. Vinyl liners are just that, a liner that is placed over a steel or polymer frame. That also makes them more customizable.

You can start by asking yourself how you're going to use your pool, how much time you you want to spend on preventative maintenance, and how much money you want to invest.

In Ground Fiberglass Pools

Better initial cost: Fiberglass pools are only slightly more expensive than a vinyl liner pool for the initial installation. Loan acceptance is best with fiberglass pools.

In Ground Vinyl Liner Pools
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A vinyl pool may cost you more over its lifetime however. It's not a question of if you will need to eventually replace the vinyl liner in your pool; you most certainly will.  They generally last between 7 to 15 years before needing to be replaced.

Fiberglass pools have gained significantly in popularity over the last decade. With tens of thousand of fiberglass pools in the ground and standing the test of time, they are recognized as a permanent home improvements & it helps the home's value.

How will you use the pool?

What size of pool will fit your space & needs?
What visual impression do you want from the pool?
What design and construction issues do you face?

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In Ground Swimming Pools

If you've been considering installing an in ground swimming pool in your backyard, one of you're tougher decisions may be whether to go with a fiberglass pool or a vinyl pool.

If you have the money to spend upfront, they make a good option. Fiberglass pool shells are built in the Viking factory from an existing mold. - Installation time is fairly quick.

Before you start looking at swimming pool designs, it is important to think about your goals & needs for your overall outdoor pool area.

While vinyl liners are 20 to 30 millimeters thick, vinyl is not as durable as fiberglass. If you don't treat your liner with care and respect, you could be looking at a big repair for avoidable tears.

By making an informed decision, you can rest assured that your family will enjoy your new pool for years to come. Speak with one of our Pool Planners today!

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