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Not all brands of chlorine are the same, and Auman Pools offers the highest quality pool chlorine at very competitive prices.

Auman Pool Specialist

Problems with water clarity usually means there’s an issue with you're pools chemistry.

Our pool service professionals are experts in water chemistry and use the best testing equipment to diagnose and solve problems with the water.

As gross as it is, there are a lot of organics in a typical pool. It’s not like bacteria waits in line to meet chlorine either. Orenda enzymes do not disinfect pool water, but they are circulating in the pool, on the front lines against organics. Enzymes digest organics so the chlorine is freed up to oxidize other contaminants. The result is healthier, cleaner water, and in many cases, reduced chlorine demand.​​

How Chlorine Sanitizes Your Pool

The chlorine that you dissolve into your pool water combines with bacteria and other organics in the water on a molecular level to kill these harmful contaminants.  When the chlorine “combines” with the bacteria and organics in the water, the chlorine molecules become inactive and no longer work to sanitize your pool.  The combined chlorine and contaminants are burned up by your weekly shock treatment, and removed from the water by the pool filter system.  The chlorine level of a swimming pool should be maintained at 1-3 ppm at all times to ensure that the pool water is clean and safe for swimmers.


Chemicals, Cleaners, Chlorine & Pool Filters

Award-winning, SC-1000 Scale and Metal Control - Environmentally friendly control of metal staining and carbonate scale. Great for use on startups for new pools, or just refilling them.

Pool Filter Replacement Cartridges


  • Chitosan Clarifier + Enzyme
  • Natural Chitosan clarifier
  • Added enzyme for increased performance
  • Increase water clarity
  • No synthetic polymers or dyes
  • Remove oils & non-living organics
  • Clear up cloudy pools
  • NSF-60 Certified (drinking water standards)

Clean pool water needs efficient pool chemicals
Upon close inspection you will find that the only real difference that may separate one brand from another is the concentration of the active & quality of ingredients in the chemical.

Orenda’s enzyme products digest non-living organics. In doing so, the enzymes clear the path for chlorine to do its job more effectively.

Think of it like this: If chlorine’s job is to target bacteria and other bad stuff, & organics get in the way, it can't clean effectively without Orenda's products.


Made in America – No Pool too Big or Small

Hayward designs and manufactures
pool filters and replacement cartridges in a US based manufacturing facility. The designs focus on ease of use, best in class filtration performance and hydraulic efficiency for energy savings. From small play pools to Large-sized custom pools, Auman Pools has a filter solution for you.

Ease of Use

Auman Pools makes it easier to keep your pool clean and clear no matter whether you maintain the pool yourself or rely on our professional pool service company.

Our commitment is to ensure that with any filter you choose, we will give you a better experience than you would have with any other brand or pool company in the Pee Dee.

Auman Pools stands behind our product reliability with unrivaled service and customer support.