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Benefits of Salt Chlorination

Sanitize your pool with the world’s best-selling salt systems. Hayward Salt Systems deliver the 3 C’s of salt chlorination—comfort, convenience, and cost savings, all at a cost you’ll love.

UV & Ozone Systems
For the ultimate in water quality and clarity, look to UV and Ozone technology. Hayward offers an advanced water treatment system that combines UV with Ozone to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and deliver a level of purity unmatched by any other sanitization method.


No more lugging heavy buckets and jugs of harsh chemical chlorine. No more constant testing and adjusting of your chemicals. With Salt Chlorination, sanitizing your pool happens automatically by converting ordinary, dissolved salt into chlorine while you sit back and relax.

What is Salt Chlorination ?

Salt Chlorination is the natural and more convenient alternative sanitization method to traditionally harsh liquid or solid chemical chlorine.

Salt Chlorination
Hayward’s worldwide best-selling salt chlorination systems convert dissolved salt into just the right amount of chlorine, automatically creating perfectly sanitized, luxuriously soft water.

Did you know we sell Saltwater Pools  & Systems  and you can also  convert your existing pool into a saltwater swimming pool.


As a natural, effective sanitization alternative to harsh chemical chlorine, salt chlorination is an increasingly popular choice for pool and spa owners–with over 1 million units installed worldwide.

1. Water in your pool containing the proper amount of dissolved salt enters the TurboCell®.
2. Power is applied to the Cell, converting dissolved salt into chlorine gas.
3. The chlorine gas dissolves into the water.

4. Water with pure, fresh chlorine is returned into the pool, satisfying 100% of your pool’s chlorination needs.

All pools and spas require sanitization to ensure healthy swimming conditions and maintain water clarity. Hayward’s best-selling sanitization products make it easier than ever to have the cleanest, clearest water possible.

Sanitization Systems


You’ll love the unimaginable comfort of silky soft water that won’t turn eyes red, hair green, or dry out skin. Eliminates harsh chlorine odor and leaves your pool feeling healthier and more luxurious.

Sanitize your pool with the world’s best-selling salt systems.


With Salt Chlorination, you will cut your chlorine costs by 50% or more. As a continuous supply of fresh, natural chlorine is constantly circulated throughout your pool, you can expect to drastically cut your chlorine costs over time.